The Big Bang Theory Recap with Spoilers – The Mystery Date Observation

The episode opens with Leonard cooking Sheldon a surprise breakfast to help him cope with a broken [...]


The episode opens with Leonard cooking Sheldon a surprise breakfast to help him cope with a broken heart (along with their DVR cutting off the last minute of Doctor Who). Sheldon enters the living room in a surprisingly chipper mood, as he's decided to start dating again to get his mind off of Amy. Sheldon's reasoning is that a new woman in his life would help him hyperfocus on work, just like he did when he was in a relationship with Amy

After the commercial break, Sheldon asks Raj and Howard to help him find a new girlfriend, as they helped him meet Amy several years ago. Sheldon only has a small list of criteria that his new girlfriend needs to meet, but ultimately concedes that she doesn't need her own views as long as she can't live without him.

Meanwhile, Amy shows off a new dress she picked out for her third date with her mystery man. When Amy asks for taller heels, as her new guy friend Dave is very tall, Penny and Bernadette pester her for details. Amy doesn't reveal much, other than they've kissed once and he's British. When Amy leaves to look for more heels, Bernadette and Penny decide to get a better look at Amy's new beau by sneaking past the restaurant Amy is going to that evening.

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Howard decides the easiest way for Sheldon to meet a new woman is to create profiles of him on several popular dating sites. Sheldon nixes that idea, as he prefers women fight over him in a battle of wits for the chance to date him. Although that idea seems like a little much, Howard agrees to put an ad on Craigslist asking women to solve a challenging puzzle for a chance to meet the "world class Cal Tech physicist".

That evening, Sheldon posts his Craigslists ad, which involves answering several questions about noble gases, flags and the Hobbit in order to figure out Sheldon's address. Howard points out that anyone who figures out the puzzle is both smart and has nothing better to do on a Saturday. Sheldon seems overly delighted by this prospect.

Meanwhile, Amy starts her third date with Dave. Dave tells Amy about his ex-wife, whom Dave left after he caught her in an affair with a French pastry chef. Dave left England because it reminded him too much of his ex-wife (both were cold and gloomy). As the date continues, Bernadette, Penny and Leonard spy on the pair with the help of Bernadette's military grade binoculars.

When Amy mentions her past relationship with Sheldon to Dave, her date quickly heads towards disaster. Dave, it seems, is a Sheldon Cooper super-fan and wants to spend the rest of the evening talking about the theoretical physics rock star. Dave even asks Amy to introduce him to her ex-boyfriend and only relents because he'd be too nervous to say anything to his hero.

Eventually, Amy decides to end her date with Dave early, since all he wants to talk about is Sheldon. As Amy and Dave leave the restaurant, Penny and Bernadette try to make a quick getaway when they realize that the pair are heading right towards them. Unfortunately, Bernadette is a little over eager and accidentally runs into the park car behind them. As Penny and Bernadette assess the damage, Amy sees the pair and discovers that they just hit Dave's car. Dave's mood brightens when he meets Leonard, who he recognizes as one of Sheldon's colleagues.

Sheldon's self-imposed deadline comes and goes without any takers. As Raj tries to console Sheldon, they hear a knock at the door. Surprisingly, it's a cute scientist named Vanessa who arrived late as she was stuck in a symposium about atomic spectroscopy. While the two hit it off, Sheldon ultimately rejects her as she missed the deadline and found atomic spectroscopy too boring. He really is a special unicorn, isn't he?

The episode ends with Amy dropping Dave off at his place. When Dave asks her out on a fourth date, Amy tells him that it's not working out and calls their relationship off. Dave doesn't seem too fazed, as at least he got rejected by the same woman who rejected Sheldon Cooper.