The Flash's Danielle Panabaker Talks Zoom's New Powers, Killer Frost Statue Revealed

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Danielle Panabaker talked with DC All Access this week (her section starts at about 1:30) about the many changes to The Flash recently, from a budding romance to Cisco's powers and beyond.

"I would love to go to Earth 2! I want to live there, let alone just go there," the actress, who plays Caitlin Snow on the show, exclaimed. She's also "super excited" about Cisco going full Vibe, saying that "as a fan of the show," she's very impressed by how his powered up scenes have been shot.

As for Caitlin getting some chilly powers of her own, "I can't wait to suit up and get out there, duke it out with the boys," she teased, but she was hesitant, too, saying "There are still more stories to be told" for her civilian persona. "It's been interesting to see her grow and get stronger and take a competent leadership role within STAR Labs."

The actress teased some "super scary powers that will throw everyone a curve ball" that will be revealed on tonight's episode.

At the end of the talk, she was also gifted with the new Killer Frost Bombshells statue, seeing its world debut. Check out the video above for a closer look.


The Flash airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on The CW.