The Hobbit's Director Takes Air New Zealand Passengers on a Tour Through Middle Earth

Just over a month ago

, all eyes were on Air New Zealand's YouTube page as director Peter Jackson took part in a Hobbit-themed safety video.

Now, they're back for a second helping (or maybe second breakfast?) with a new mini-documentary that looks at the shooting locations used by Jackson to film his Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.

Over at the website for the Flying Social Network folks who put the short together, fans can watch the clip and check out a bunch of other Hobbit-related content. It really showcases how, in their words, "Tolkien's fantasy world is such a powerful phenomenon, that the entire country of New Zealand has branded their tourism around drawing fans of the film to check out 'Middle-Earth' in person."

 It's not just the everyday tourist trade at play here, either; several of the film's stars are chiming in below. So check it out.