The Interview Will Be Shown On Christmas Day After All

the-interview-poster-preview-101292Multiple independent theaters have begun announcing Christmas Day screenings of The Interview. The proclamations don’t provide many details as of yet, but confirm that Sony has indeed given them the greenlight to show Seth Rogan and James Franco’s comedy.

Here are some of the tweets currently going out:

As mentioned, there aren’t a lot of details to go on here, so there’s no telling how many theaters will have the film, how many showings will be available on Christmas or how long the theatrical run will be.

Sony cancelled the theatrical release of The Interview after their servers came under cyberattack, an attack that was followed by further threats on American movie theaters. The film’s plot centers on bumbling American television journalist attempting to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. The country has expressed disapproval towards the film’s portrayal of Jong-un, and is believe to be responsible for the attacks.