The Simpsons Tribute to Alan Rickman Includes Bonus David Bowie

(Photo: Fox)

Fox's animated mainstay The Simpsons has long played host to a wide assortment of guest voices from all walks of life. They've also been amazing parody creators, taking on just about anything that even slightly brushes up against pop culture.

Well, they reached into the archives last night, posting this clip from a season 24 episode, "Love is a Many Splintered Thing," which featured a parody of two Alan Rickman movies - and all of British culture - in one go. Benedict Cumberbatch appears as the voice of the Prime Minister in a Love Actually parody called "Love Indubitably," and Rickman then shows up, as Professor Snape from Harry Potter.

And to top it all off, "All the Young Dudes" by David Bowie is playing in the background.

The clip also features the TARDIS from Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Isaac Newton, and William Shakespeare doing the Full Monty and more British fun. It was a nice clip for Fox to dig up and put on the web for all to see - they didn't even seem to realize they had the Bowie connection, as well.


Both David Bowie and Alan Rickman passed away this week, both at the age of 69, and both of cancer.