The Walking Dead: Axel Was Originally Supposed To Be A Serial Killer

Lew Temple Axel Walking Dead

On the Talking Dead, actor Lew Temple, who played Axel on The Walking Dead, talked about his character. Lew Temple revealed that coming into the show that he had a lot of information about his character but none of it was correct.

Lew Temple explained, “I was cast and brought into the show to be this prisoner who was going to be a serial killer that kidnapped someone from the group and drug them through the woods.”

Lew Temple contined, “So when I showed up, I saw the call sheet, there was no man on the call sheet named Andrew Lincoln. There was no Rick Grimes on the call sheet. And I thought I was duped. There were none of those names on the show. I thought I was doing a webisode. I really did, I thought I had been hired to do the webisodes.” Creator Robert Kirkman explained that they code their call sheets in case someone finds them.

As far as his death scene, Lew Temple said, “I like to think that I was serving the greater good, that Carol is here today because Axel was available. He made himself available. It’s funny with her to, right? I mean it’s don’t get too close to Carol. It doesn’t turn out well.”