The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, & Arrow Among Top Ten Most Pirated Shows Of 2013

Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Arrow

While it might not exactly be described as an honor, TorrentFreak has released their annual list of the most pirated shows of the year. Making the list in 2013 are several shows that are among the favorites of comic book fans.

Game of Thrones topped the list for the second year in the row. Game of Thrones had 5.9 million downloads in 2013 via BitTorrent. Breaking Bad finished second with 4.2 million downloads, and The Walking Dead took third place with 3.6 million downloads. In terms of total viewership, The Walking Dead is the highest rated show on cable television, attracting as many viewers as Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad combined. However, AMC has also been good about running multiple airings of each Walking Dead episode, as well as occasionally releasing key episodes online. Meanwhile, Game of Thrones airs on HBO, which is a cable channel that viewers have to pay extra for.

The remaining TV shows among the top ten most pirated shows of 2013 were The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, Suits, Homeland, Vikings, and Arrow. The Big Bang Theory is the highest rated series on network television, so it's not surprising that it would fall in the top ten. Arrow, which airs on The CW, is one of the biggest surprises on the list. It's presence of the list shows that its popularity goes far beyond just the viewership that tunes into The CW every week.