The Walking Dead: Why The Governor Hates SpaghettiOs

The Walking Dead The Governor SpaghettiosSpoiler Warning:

There are mild spoilers about the “Live Bait” episode of The Walking Dead in this article. During the “Live Bait” episode of The Walking Dead, there was one scene where The Governor’s actions were particularly confusing for many viewers, but an explanation was offering during the Talking Dead.

After Lily brought The Governor a bowl of SpaghettiOs to eat, The Governor secretly dumped all the SpaghettiOs out the window. Considering food isn’t always easy to come by during a zombie apocalypse, it seemed like an unusual move for The Governor to make. We thought that maybe The Governor was worried that the food was poisoned, but David Morrissey provided the actual explanation during the Talking Dead.

“Because he’s on a low carb diet,” joked Morrissey. After the audience laughed, Morrissey gave a more serious explanation.

“Because it’s a gift. It’s a gift from someone. He doesn’t want to be indebted to anybody,” said Morrissey. “His whole purpose of being on that road is being in isolation. He doesn’t want to engage with the human race at all. What we see is that he’s lying in the road at one point. He’s going to die, and he sees this vision of this young girl and that’s what brings him in. It’s obviously an echo of Penny. But he doesn’t want to be indebted to anybody. That’s the thing. He’s fighting all his natural good instincts, as well as his bad instincts. And his good instincts is to help these people, and he doesn’t want to help them.”