The Walking Dead: Why's Rick's Gun So Good For Killing Zombies?

Is Rick Grimes's Colt Python revolver an objectively great weapon for zombie defense?

The folks over at LuckyGunner Labs (major spoilers at the link for five-year-old comics and, possibly, the next chunk of the TV season) have created a neat infographic that pulls together some information to answer that question.

"Grimes is truly an iconic character and we had a blast putting the research together about both him and his signature firearm," said Lucky Gunner's Anthony Welsch.

In part, they note that the revolver would need less frequent cleaning and lubrication than most of the automatic pistols seen in the seires--and that since the Python can fire two different calibers, it's a useful gun to have on hand in a post-apocalyptic world where ammunition is not plentiful and no longer being produced.

Check it out at right.