The Walking Dead: Yep, That Just Happened

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of The Walking Dead. And it's a great episode, so don't be like that. Watch it first.

In an Entertainment Weekly interview scheduled to go live just as the show concluded, The Walking Dead creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman answered one of tonight's big questions--and the answer is yes.

Alright, that should be enough spoiler space.

When a reporter noted that not actually showing Carl shoot his mother in the head, opens up a whole battery of questions and possibilities, Kirkman acknowledged that fact, but confirmed that, for the purposes of this show, he's not interested in telling that kind of story.

"I think the bad version of this show would definitely have a half-alive, half-zombie Lori living in the prison doing all sorts of nefarious things in the background," Kirkman told EW. "But, no, that poor child did shoot his mother and, yeah, we’re going to be dealing with that."