This Guy Handmade A Nimbus 2000 For His Girlfriend

nimbus 2000
(Photo: Warner Bros. )

Every Harry Potter fan--Potterheads, as they're called--knows that Harry's first broom was a gift from Professor McGonagall in his first year--the Nimbus 2000.

It was the fastest racing broom at the time, of course until the Nimbus 2001's came a year later, but the Nimbus 2000 still holds a very special place in fans' hearts. You never forget your first after all.

Licensed replicas are fairly expensive and nothing says "I love you more than Potions Class" like a handmade broom. Jared Weissman, a civil engineering from Virginia did just that. Weissman spent three weeks making his girlfriend of five years a lifesize replica of Harry's first broom. He even wrapped it up in paper and twine, just like how it was delivered to Harry when he received it.

(Photo: Shelby Stein)

"I could tell what it was from the shape of it, and I just remember being so excited and even cried! My room is slowly turning into a Harry Potter fan cave," Shelby Stein, Weissman's girlfriend, and lucky recipient of the gift said.

(Photo: Shelby Stein)

First, Weissman used a 2×4 piece of pine for the handle. The bristles were made from a basket reed and have their shape reinforced with Styrofoam circles. The broom got the glossy looks from a mahogany wood stain finish and polyurethane coat. Lastly, he even hand-painted the exact Nimbus 2000 logo and font on the handle.

Love truly is magic.