Transformers 4 Trailer Easter Egg Reveals Transformers Are Dangerous Viral Website

Transformers 4 Billboard Phone Number

In the newly released Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer, there is a billboard with the writing, "Remember Chicago. Report Alien Activity." The billboard also has the phone number 855-363-8392 on it. Of course, anytime a phone number appears in a movie trailer, then it's always a necessity to call it.

When one dials the Transformers 4 trailer phone number, an automated message warns, "Attention citizens: We are in state of global emergency. You are urged to stay clear of all Transformers. Repeat, stay clear of all Transformers. Report any sightings immediately. Remember Transformers could be hiding anywhere. Say alert. Keep your eyes open, and say informed.  For updates, visit Repeat,"

The Transformers Are Dangerous website reveals a Transformers Are Dangerous poster. There is also a place to enter an email address to sign up for updates.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on June 27, 2014.

Transformers Are Dangerous