What Happens When You Reach Level 30 on Pokemon Go?

level 30
(Photo: Imgur)

While most Pokemon Go players are still scratching their way to reach Level 20, some of the top players in the world have reached another milestone in the game: Level 30. Reaching Level 30 is an accomplishment in and of itself, considering a player has to earn a total of 2,500,000 XP to get there. However, high level players are quickly discovering that reaching Level 30 is just the beginning of the game.

First and foremost, by the time you reach Level 30, you'll have access to Ultra Balls (which you unlock at Level 20), Max Potions (unlockable at Level 25) and Max Revives. All three items will come in handy, as Gym Battles and Training become much easier as you gain stronger Pokemon throughout the game. Hitting Level 30 comes with some nice rewards, including 3 Egg Incubators, 3 Lure Modules, 30 Ultra Balls, 20 Max Potions, 3 Incense and 3 Lucky Eggs.

The other big change is that Level 30 is when you'll meet the strongest wild Pokemon in the game. All the Pokemon in Pokemon Go have an internal level, set between 0-30. You can only encounter Pokemon with a level that's equal to or lower than your Trainer Level, so Level 30 is when you'll start finding Pokemon with CPs of 1,500 or higher.

However, while Level 30 unlocks some new items and causes even stronger wild Pokemon to show up, don't expect the milestone to unlock any Legendary or Rare Pokemon. There are no reports of the Legendary Pokemon, Mew, or even Ditto appearing when you reach a certain level.


Niantic Labs is hosting a Hall H panel this afternoon at SDCC, so we're hoping to learn more information then.