What We Want In Jurassic World 2

Earlier this week, a sequel to Jurassic World starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard was officially announced for 2018.

The announcement of Jurassic World 2 (or Jurassic Park 5?) got us thinking about what we want to see when the park's top dinosaurs return--again.

Dr. Ian Malcolm

You got away with this twice now, Jurassic franchise. Now, bring back Jeff Goldblum. Let's get some interaction between Owen Grady and Dr. Malcolm, if only to hear them laugh. But if the Jurassic franchise is going to visit the island again, which it looks like it is, then it needs to bring in Dr. Malcolm to help Grady with the latest crisis.

More Mosasaur

The most exciting part of Jurassic World may have been the gigantic, underwater dinosaur which devoured Indominus in two bites - the Mosasaur. Let's see more of this mammoth creature. Maybe Owen Grady can grab some scuba gear, befriend the mosasaur, and pursue and underwater threats with a pack of giant mosasaur.

Triceratops vs. T-Rex

It's a showdown 65 millions years in the making. Settle the debate for us, Colin Trevorrow. Who is the king of the dinos? The T-Rex or the Triceratops? Jurassic World really found its stride when dinosaurs and action took the wheel. The tag team match up of raptors, plus T-Rex versus the genetically modified I-Rex, was one of the most epic bits any movie has displayed in 2015. Now, let's see what history' oldest rivalry has to offer.

A Jurassic World

The seeds were planted in Jurassic World for dinosaur engineering outside of Isla Nublar. Hoskins dream of militarizing the dinosaurs might come true, only to be backfire and unleash raptors or other dinosaurs throughout the globe and Owen Grady is going to have a lot of motorcycle riding to do as he attempts to contain the over-sized reptiles.



What do you want to see in the Jurassic World sequel? Let us know in the comments! And for comprehensive list on all the other sequels hitting theaters, head to ComicBook.com's official franchise movie database.