Wolverine Trailer Bootlegs Creating Stir Online


Usually, production studios are all too eager to have as many people as possible watch their upcoming movie trailers in as many places as possible. However, if you’re the studio behind a trailer like X-Men Origins: Wolverine that is highly anticipated by comic book fans, then sometimes you try to limit access so you can use it to promote your other movies and products. With The Day The Earth Stood Still movie not getting kind reviews from the critics, it’s no wonder that Twentieth Century Fox decided to premiere the X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer in front of the movie to generate a little buzz. While we haven’t heard any reports of people buying The Day The Earth Stood Still tickets and walking out after the Wolverine trailer, it was likely enough extra incentive to get some comic book fans that were on the fence to go see the movie. On Monday, December 15, Fox will reportedly utilize the Wolverine trailer to promote one of its other assets. The X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer will make its official online debut through MySpace’s Trailer Park. Of course for those who can’t bear to part with ten dollars for a ticket for The Day The Earth Stood Still and don’t want to wait until Monday, a couple moviegoers have been kind enough to sneak their camcorders into the theaters and upload bootleg videos to YouTube. The quality of the videos of course are what you would expect from a bootleg, so it will still be worth checking out the high quality version that will show up on MySpace on Monday. Online fan reaction to the Wolverine trailer has been mixed. Some fans have raved that the Wolverine trailer was worth the price of admission to The Day The Earth Stool Still, but other fans have complained that the trailer seemed disjointed. Personally, I thought the Wolverine trailer had some great scenes, but it didn’t quite reach the bar that has been set by trailers for The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and The Watchmen. If you’ve seen the trailer, then post your thoughts below.