X-Men Spinoff Legion Series Pickup Is Looking Optimistic


Despite pretty dire news for Hellfire yesterday, FOX today told journalists at the Television Critics Association that a pickup for Legion looks pretty good.

Yesterday, news came that Hellfire was not going to make it to pilot in 2016 since it was on a "slower track" of development and its showrunners had left and needed to be replaced, but today FX CEO John Landgraf said development on Legion -- the other X-Men spinoff in development from Fox Television -- looks good.

"It takes place in a parallel universe," Landgraf said. "The US government is in early days of being aware of mutants, but not the public. I don't foresee any characters moving back and forth (between the movies and the series)."

The show looks good for a 2016 pickup, he added, and "the scripts are extraordinary."