Escape Plan 2 With Sylvester Stallone In The Works

The king of sequels is at it again!It has been reported that a sequel to the 2013 film Escape Plan [...]

The king of sequels is at it again!

It has been reported that a sequel to the 2013 film Escape Plan has been greenlit by Emmett/Furla/Oasis films. Not only is the film returning for round two, but Sylvester Stallone will be back on camera to star in the follow-up as well.

According to Deadline, EFO has brought back one of the stars, and the entire writing team, for the Escape Plan sequel. It isn't exactly surprising that a second film was given the go-ahead, as the first made around $137 million in the global box office.

(Photo: Summit Entertainment)

Due to its international success, a heavy portion of the funding will come from China. A large part of the film's revenue came from the Chinese box office, and the sequel will shoot a large portion of the project in the country as well.

Pre-production is set to begin on January 15, with shooting set to begin two months later, on March 15. With this timeline in mind, the script it most likely in the drafting and editing stage at this point.

Escape Plan centers around Stallone's character, Ray Breslin, who is an expert at designing prisons. After being incarcerated, he must now use his skills to break out. Breslin partners with Rottmayer, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, a prisoner with plenty of connections on the inside.

Stallone is no stranger to filming sequels, as this marks one of the many franchise roles he has repreised recently. He has appeared in three Expendables films, a couple of Rambo movies, and the entire Rocky franchise. The actor was nominated for an Academy Award for his turn as Rocky Balboa in the 2015 film Creed. He will next appear in the Marvel Studios project, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

So far, none of the other original cast members have signed on for the sequel.

Source: Deadline