Game Of Thrones Opening Sequence Made Out Of Paper


Moleskine, an Italian manufacturer of luxury notebooks and other paper products, has a new Game of Thrones Limited Edition Collection. To celebrate the release of their four-themed Game of Thrones notebooks, they commissioned Dadomani, a milan-based video and animation studio, to recreate the iconic opening sequence of HBO's Emmy-winning fantasy series entirely out of paper.

With 750 photos, 7,600 paper cut-outs, and in the span of 576,000 seconds, Dadomani was able to reproduce cogs and gears turning and King's Landing retreating into itself.

Watch Moleskine's Game of Thrones opening sequence and a behind-the-scenes video showing it was produced in the video below.

(via designboom)


Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones, titled "The Red Woman," will air Sunday, April 24.