The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Reveals Daryl Is Not Happy About Rick Sending Carol Away

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When Rick told Daryl that he had sent Carol away on the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead Season 4, it was difficult to interpret exactly how Daryl felt about the news. Initially, Daryl seemed to be in disbelief that Carol would have killed two of their group, and he seemed to be still processing the news, when The Governor attacked the prison. In a new interview with, Norman Reedus has elaborated on how the scene was written and exactly how Daryl felt about the situation. "We worked on that scene, and it was written a little differently before we shot it—it was written so that it was explaining to me what happened, and I was upset about it, but I understood, and I kind of just moved forward," said Reedus. "Scott Gimple, Greg Nicotero, and I worked on that scene to make that conversation open-ended; like we were done having that talk, and wanted to wrap it up in a nice little bow, so to speak. You know I'll always have Rick's back no matter what, and we've all done things in the world that are inexcusable, but we've all been pushed to do things that we would never had done in a normal circumstance." Reedus continued, "We wanted to leave that conversation as if Daryl's going, 'let me process this for a second,' so that he understands but he's not done talking about it. So we left it like that, because there's no way at the end of that scene, Daryl is happy with that decision, but it's something we're not done talking about yet. Then we get attacked, and we never get a chance to finish the conversation. We worked on that scene a lot to make it a much better scene so that that conversation is open-ended, and we're not done talking about it—Daryl is not happy about that at all." The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9 PM ET on AMC.