Who Is In The Woods With Daryl On The Walking Dead?

The “Four Walls and a Roof” episode of The Walking Dead ended with a little bit of a [...]

Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead

The "Four Walls and a Roof" episode of The Walking Dead ended with a little bit of a cliffhanger. At the end of the episode, Michonne hears a noise in the woods. When she goes to investigate, Daryl Dixon comes stumbling out of the woods.

However, when Michonne asks about Carol, Daryl just tells whoever is with him that they can come on out now. Of course, it's possible that Carol is who Daryl is telling to come on out. But if it's Carol that he's talking to, then why didn't she emerge at the same time as Daryl?

More than likely, it's somebody else besides Carol that is with Daryl. Who could it be? We run down some of the other possibilities.

Beth Greene – Daryl and Carol were last seen chasing the car that Daryl believed took Beth. It would make sense that Daryl and Carol could have found Beth. Maybe, Carol was either killed or captured during the rescue of Beth, so it is only Beth in the woods.

Morgan Jones – On The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere, Morgan Jones showed up in an after the credits scene. Morgan appeared to be following the same path that Rick and his group have been following. Could Daryl have run into Morgan in the woods?

New Group of People – The description for next week's episode teases that a new group of survivors is introduced. Now, it's possible that this new group of survivors is the group that took Beth, which is what the sneak preview suggests. Or it could be a completely different group. Maybe Daryl and Carol met up with another group in the woods, and they are bringing them back to the church.

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