'Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel' Episode 7 The Need For Speed Recap

It's time for the new episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel!

Spoilers incoming for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel: The Need For Speed, so if you want to avoid them you've been warned.

The episode kicks off at the race track, where a contest for the world speed record is taking place. Sarah is trying to beat the hoverboard record, with the others Rangers watching. Sarah blasts off smoothly but someone else speeds past her, the identity of them is unknown though until Victor comes out of the bushes.

Sarah can't believe he broke the record (earning his 50th trophy in the process), and the other Rangers try to console her.

Segue to Galaxy Warriors, as Cosmo Royale introduces Speedwing, the second of the Galactic Ninjas, and gives him his Ninja Medallion.

Back to the lounge, the others are shooting pool, while Sarah is hard at work on a suit that will help her break the record. Victor comes in hoisted atop of several students. Sarah tries to hold back her disdain for him and tells him that trophy is not his for long, which scares Monty and Victor a bit.

The others head to the track to see Sarah debut her new flight suit, which features some metal wing attachments on the arm and an attachment on her helmet and back. She takes off and seems to be going faster, but as she keeps going she actually ends up taking off into the air, colliding with Speedwing and falling to the ground.

Speedwing makes a lot of "slow" puns, and the Rangers are surprised to discover there is another member of the Galactic Ninjas. The Rangers morph, but Speedwing uses his evil speed star to flash back and forth, taking them down one by one. The Rangers regroup, deciding to use his speed against him. Brody lures him in and then Preston uses his nature star to trip him, knocking the speed star from his hands.

Before they can blast him he teleports out.

Back at Rangers HQ, Sarah puts Speedwing's speed star in her hoverboard. Mick walks over before it's done though, and notices she is using the star. She explains what she plans to do with it, as it should make her hoverboard even faster. Mick warns her though that the star and Monster technology, in general, is unpredictable, and could be more trouble than it is worth. He also tells her to be careful, as sometimes you can focus on one thing so much that you don't notice everything else around you.

She doesn't seem to pick up on the message though.

On the ship, Speedwing apologizes to Wolvermean for losing the speed star, and Cosmo Royale and Odius show him footage of the Pink Ranger picking up his star. Speedwing heads down to earth to retrieve it.

Over at the track, Sarah is prepped with her new speed star outfitted hoverboard to beat Victor's record, and she speeds off in a flash. She cruises past Victor's record, and the other Rangers are really proud of her, but Mick has a scowl on his face since he knows what Sarah did.

Speedwing interrupts the celebration, commanding them to give his speed star back. They table the issue that Sarah used it to win aside and morph, taking on Speedwing once again. He is slower this time since he doesn't have his star, but he is still amazingly lethal. Speedwing goes to retrieve the speed star but Sarah knocks it out of his hand. It gets stuck in Brody's helmet, causing him to run at insanely high speeds uncontrollably. The other Rangers take on Speedwing while Preston races to go get Brody.

A ninja blast knocks Speedwing down, and he teleports once again. Sarah apologizes for using the speed star and the other Rangers remind her about not taking shortcuts. Sarah tells Brody to direct his movements in their general direction, while Preston uses his abilities to put a track in front of him as Brody races over water and rooftops.

Speedwing returns and knocks the Rangers down once again. Sarah tries to delay Speedwing until Brody can return, and she keeps him in place until Brody charges into him, sticking the speed star into Speedwing's back. It causes him to run just like Brody, and the other Rangers form around him, with Brody calling on the Lion Fire Armor and using the Lion Fire Strike Final Attack to take him down.

He is gigantified though, so the Rangers call upon the Lion Fire Megazord and use the Ninja Fusion Star to bring out the Ninja Fusion Zord. Speedwing puts up a fight though, hitting them with quick air attacks. The Rangers use the Lion Fire Megazord's flight abilities to catch up and knock him out of the air, and once he's down their combined final attack takes him out once and for all.

"Show's over. Ninjas win."

Odius is on the ground and recovers Speedwing's Ninja Medallion. Her plan is now clear, as she hopes to collect all of them for herself and use them against the Rangers.

Segue to the track, where Sarah tells everyone that she isn't proud of how she won the record. While it didn't technically break the rules, she isn't happy with herself after putting her friends in danger. She gives the trophy back, and Victor comes out of the bushes in camouflage bush gear. Monty then comes out with "Victor" on a hoverboard, but the person on the board turns out to be a mannequin. The trophy is taken from him, and the officials use the hoverboard's remote control to chase them off.


With his record wiped away, Sarah is offered the chance to try and take the record for herself once more, but she decides to put that off for today to just hang out with her friends.

Well, that's our recap, so let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments, and you can hit me up @MattMuellerCB for all your Power Rangers coverage.

Power Rangers: Super Ninja SteelSaturday at 12 PM EST on Nickelodeon

Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel

Power Rangers: Super Ninja SteelSaturday at 12 PM EST on Nickelodeon

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