Power Rangers: These Might Be The New Mighty Morphin Funko POPs

It was recently revealed that we would be getting new Power Rangers POPs, and now we just might have our first look at them.

A new series of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers POPs hit the internet last week, which included a new group of villains as part of the set. Nothing has been officially announced by Funko, but some new images showed up on RangerBoard, and they could very well be the new Ranger sculpts.

The image doesn't include Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Goldar, or Pudgy Pig, but it does feature all five core Rangers in new sculpts. We theorized that if they were going to release a new set of Mighty Morphin Ranger POPs new sculpts would be needed as opposed to just a variant color scheme, and these definitely fit that mold.

(Photo: RangerBoard)

Just about every Ranger features their iconic weapon. The Red Ranger has his Power Sword, while the Blue Ranger has his Power Lance. The Yellow Ranger has her Power Daggers, while the Black Ranger has his Power Axe in Blaster form. The one conspicuous absence comes with the Pink Ranger, who sports a cool leaping kick pose. The pose is cool and all, but for some reason, she is lacking her Power Bow, despite the rest of the group having their weapons.

You can see the sculpts in the image above.

Also listed for the set is a Green Ranger, which will hopefully either feature Tommy with his Dragon Dagger or Sword of Darkness. Either one is fine, but we're kind of hoping for a classic pose from the show so we can put him next to the Dragonzord as if he's calling it out of the water.

Okay...just sold myself on needing to make that happen. Guess I'm going to have to learn how to sculpt.

As for the villains, we're hoping they will come with their weapons and accessories as well.


At some point, we would love to see other Rangers implemented into the line, or at least something akin to a most iconic line. A full Zeo wave, for instance, might not make sense from a financial standpoint, but they should definitely put out a Gold Zeo Ranger, which would sell quite well. If that were to happen they could hit different Rangers with each wave, including more popular ones from Time Force, In Space, Samurai, RPM, and more.

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