'Go Go Power Rangers' #11 Features Classic Villain Easter Eggs

Go Go Power Rangers featured some big reveals, but it also held some fun Easter eggs for fans of the classic Mighty Morphin television show.

Spoilers incoming for Go Go Power Rangers #11, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

Around midway through the issue, Squatt and Baboo report to Rita Repulsa that Ranger Slayer and her Zord have been defeated, so Rita tells Finster it is the perfect time to strike. While Finster isn't finished making his current creations (which show up later in the issue), Rita takes a look at his current works in progress and notices a few monsters that fans will know from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season One.

From left to right we've got Chunky Chicken, King Sphinx, Pudgy Pig, Terror Toad, and Eye Guy. You can also see Mr. Ticklesneezer's shoe right by Rita Repulsa's head. Fans are very familiar with all of those villains, and most of them happened to be involved in memorable battles with the Rangers.

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

King Sphinx is the first to show up in the series in the episode titled A Pressing Engagement, and his battle with Jason the Red Ranger is one of the more memorable fight scenes. Pudgy Pig debuts in the Food Fight episode and thanks to his absurd design has become a fan favorite.

After that, it's Chunky Chicken's turn, who debuts in the episode titled Big Sisters, and is also voiced by the same person who voices Lord Zedd, Robert Axelrod. Next is Eye Guy, who debuted in the episode titled I, Eye Guy, memorable for his rather creepy character design. To be fair, it's hard to make someone made up of giant eyeballs not creepy.

Next, it's time for Mr. Ticklesneezer, who debuted in the episode For Whom the Bell Trolls (nice pun Power Rangers). Ticklesneezer isn't actually that beloved, but it was fun seeing a reference to him anyway. Last but not least is Terror Toad, who made his presence known in Power Ranger Punks. Terror Toad is one of the deadlier enemies the Rangers faced in season 1, as he essentially swallowed the entire team except for Kimberly.


Also, that last sentence is a very odd one to type... just saying. You can check out the image above.

Go Go Power Rangers #11 is written by Ryan Parrott and drawn by Dan Mora. Go Go Power Rangers #11 is in comic stores now and can be purchased digitally here.