Power Rangers Gets A Morphinominal 'Avengers: Endgame' Trailer

Avengers: Endgame fever has taken over the world, especially after the latest trailer. That includes the world of Power Rangers as well, and recently AC Talent Group's Aaron Coney released several Endgame style posters for some of the Ranger greats. Now Coney has teamed up with Power Rangers Time Force's Michael Copon Coney (and his production company Michael Copon Studios) to go even further, giving the Rangers their own Endgame-style trailer, and you can check out the morphinominal results right here!

The new trailer is titled Rangers Endgame and features Copon reprising his role as the Blue Time Force Ranger Lucas Kendall. Like in Endgame Kendall finds himself stranded in space, and you know you're in for something special as soon as you see that iconic Time Force helmet.

As you can see in the trailer above, we also see splices of other legendary Rangers as well as other Power Rangers films and fan films, including Power Rangers Unworthy, Power/Rangers, Shattered Grid, The Order, and the recent Power Rangers 2017 reboot. It wouldn't be Power Rangers without some classic show footage too, and there's plenty of that here as well.

The trailer also features narration from classic Rangers, including Copon (Blue Time Force Ranger), Jason David Frank (Green and White Mighty Morphin Ranger), Jason Faunt (Red Time Force Ranger), Walter Jones (Black Mighty Morphin Ranger), Catherine Sutherland (Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger, Pink Zeo Ranger, and Pink Turbo Ranger) Nakia Burrise (Yellow Zeo Ranger, Yellow Turbo Ranger), Blake Foster (Blue Turbo Ranger), and Azim Rizk (Black and Green Megaforce Rangers).

Coney and Copon truly enjoyed being able to combine their creativity and look forward to creating more epic mashups. For now though you can enjoy Rangers Endgame in the trailer above, and the official description can be found below!

"With half of Earth’s mightiest heroes fallen, the #PowerRangers step up to avenge them...

Hi Fans! Michael Copon, Blue Time Force Ranger here....I just did this for fun to highlight some amazing fan films and films I produced too combined in a trailer to show the combo of our universe and the MCU.

Shout out the all the fan films! You know who you are! Hope you all enjoy this with Voice overs of some of your favorite Rangers!"

So what do you think Power Rangers fans? Let us know in the comments and as always hit me up on Twitter @MattMuellerCB for all things Power Rangers!



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