Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1 Review: One Chapter Closes in a Truly Satisfying Way

Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers brings several big storylines to a close, plants some [...]

Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers brings several big storylines to a close, plants some promising seeds for the future, and delightfully hits all the right notes along the way. Throughout the issue writer Ryan Parrott ends several plot threads that fans have seen play out across the last few issues, including Alpha 1's return and Rita's journey to finally restore power to the Dragon Coin, while artists Eleonora Carlini, Francesco Mortarino, Simona Di Gianelice, and Raul Angulo deliver some dazzling visuals that will make a Power Ranger fan's heart swoon. There are spoilers incoming for Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1; if you haven't read the issue yet, you've been warned.

The final (or not so final) battle between the Rangers is truly a nostalgia feast for the eyes. This is some of Carlini's best work on the series, and with the help of Mortarino, Gianelice and Angulo these pages just can't help but shine. Whether it's Alpha 1 facing off against the individual Zords, the Megazord, or the out-of-nowhere surprise of Megazord Tank Mode (yes, it looks as cool as you think it would), it's as if the second half of an episode was brought to life in a comic with a modern sense of style and polish, and it's superb.

While the battle is fun to watch, Alpha 1 is more than a monster of the week, and his motivation and beef with Zordon is understandable. In fact, you might find yourself empathizing with him a bit, but never so much that you stop rooting for the heroes. It's a delicate balance that is maintained throughout the issue, punctuated with sheer joyous moments like Alpha-5's delightful time in the spotlight (not spoiling that, so you'll just have to read the issue).

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

Coming into this issue, the most interesting story was the one between Rita and her mother Fienna, and there was some trepidation after reading the first half of the book that this thread wouldn't get enough time to pay off that story. Parrott packs this all into just 5 pages, but it all comes together beautifully. There's enough time to not only show Rita's ruthlessness, but also imbue Rita and Fienna back and forth with genuine emotion and heartfelt conflict. While there is an unanswered question or two, Parrott brings this part of the narrative to a satisfying close when all is said and done.

The last 15 pages or so feel more like one long epilogue than a natural extension of the previous story, though each of the Rangers also gets some needed time in the spotlight here, moving each of their own personal arcs forward. One storyline, in particular, does not move forward, which is a bit of a bummer since it was one of the most pleasant surprises of previous issues, though the way it was wrapped up still felt true to the characters. In fact, you could say that about a lot of the personal stories here, as most of them go in ways you don't expect, but those choices all feel organic to who's making them.

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1 features quite a bit of spectacle, but underneath it all are the same rich and endearing characters you've come to love from the series. Longtime fans will have plenty of geek out moments along the way, and you'll leave feeling satisfied with an eye towards the very promising future. Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1 closes out this chapter of the Power Rangers universe in style.

Published by BOOM! Studios

Written by Ryan Parrott

Art by Eleonora Carlini and Francesco Mortarino

Inks by Simona Di Gianfelice

Colors by Raul Angulo

Letters by Ed Dukeshire