Jason David Frank Narrates The Power Rangers Shattered Grid Trailer

Shattered Grid is going to be an epic Power Rangers event, and with Lord Drakkon front and center, [...]

Shattered Grid is going to be an epic Power Rangers event, and with Lord Drakkon front and center, you can't do it without a little help from the original Green Ranger right?

That's why BOOM! Studios brought Jason David Frank on board to narrate the first trailer for the anticipated event, which kicks off later this year. Frank's character of Tommy will have plenty to do with the series, but the new trailer reminds you that you're not listening to Tommy...you're listening to Lord Drakkon.

"You may know me as Tommy Oliver. You may know me as the Green Ranger, but I am not the man you know. I am a man from a different reality. I conquered my Earth and became someone infinitely more powerful. I am Lord Drakken. Now I am coming back to this world to conquer the Power Rangers here and everywhere else. Wherever and whenever they're hiding, and that's just the beginning."

You can view the full trailer in the video above.

Lord Drakkon is an alternate universe version of Tommy, who ended up siding with Rita and helped destroy the Power Rangers. The Rangers defeated him previously, but writer Kyle Higgins explains his plans have grown significantly since that last defeat.

"The last thing I'll kind of say about this event is that the character, the villain of all this, Lord Drakkon, is someone that we introduced way back in issue number nine," Higgins told ComicBook.com. "We keyed him up through issues 11 through 16, but that's all been kind of a precursor for Shattered Grid. As far as why he's doing this and what exactly his plan entails beyond trying to go conquer all the Ranger teams, I think is, I mean it's the heart of the event. Who this guy is and where he comes from, beyond just being quote/unquote alternative timeline version of Tommy Oliver, is really the center of this story. I think fans are going to be surprised when they see where we're taking it."

You can read more about Shattered Grid here.

Shattered Grid kicks off in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25, which lands in comic shops on March 21, 2018.

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