Petition Started For Power Rangers HyperForce Season 2

There's no confirmed future for Power Rangers HyperForce, but fans are letting Saban Brands and [...]

There's no confirmed future for Power Rangers HyperForce, but fans are letting Saban Brands and Hyper RPG know they want one.

A new petition has been created by Judith Dahmen, who also runs the HyperForce Facebook group. The petition's goal is 500, and it's already pretty close at 471.

"Over the past 25 years, many 'Power Rangers' fans have grown up along with the TV series, and although there is always the next generation of viewers, many fans are now 30+ years old. HyperForce is serving these fans – and some of the younger ones – in so many ways," Dahmen writes.

She also points out that while fans appreciate the TV series, there are limitations of the budgetary and footage variety when it comes to that, and HyperForce doesn't have those same limitations.

"Being a tabletop RPG, HyperForce does not underlie any of these limitations because in an RPG, events are only limited by your own imagination, and that's what makes it so thrilling for us because 'Power Rangers' fans are known to have maintained a vivid imagination even as grown-ups."

While there were those who didn't quite understand what HyperForce was all about at the beginning, the show has carved itself a spot in the Ranger fandom, and fans want to know if it will ever make a return.

"HyperForce has become something a growing number of fans is looking forward to week after week. However, now that the show is nearing its 25th episode, we are filled with mixed feelings. On the one hand, we can't wait to learn how the adventures of the HyperForce Power Rangers proceed, but on the other hand, every new episode means we are getting closer to the end – and we really don't want this to end!"

"I am hoping that this petition will get enough signatures to show Saban Brands how much the 'Power Rangers' fandom is craving for a second season of 'HyperForce' and that Saban Brands might consider granting Hyper RPG one – or several – more season(s)."

You can sign up for the petition here.

There are still some episodes left for fans to enjoy before the need for a second season arises, and you can check those out on Hyper RPG's Twitch channel every Tuesday night.