Power Rangers: Austin St. John Reveals Who Inspired His Red Ranger

Many will always associate Red Rangers with Austin St. John, and he took some time to tell [...]

Many will always associate Red Rangers with Austin St. John, and he took some time to tell ComicBook.com about who inspired his iconic take on the original Red Ranger.

St. John played the part of Jason Lee Scott in the original Mighty Morphin series, and at San Diego Comic-Con ComicBook.com had the chance to chat with St. John about what inspired his classic character, and much of the inspiration was from his parents.

"Walk softly and carry a big stick," St. John said. "I modeled the character after my mom and dad. My mom was one of the, well she was the first female cop in the state of New Mexico in the 70s. It was either the state or the city of Roswell, but I mean it was the 70s, where her own police brothers and...well they were all brothers at the time, one of them tried to have her killed because she wore a skirt and wanted a badge and a gun. So my mom was and is a tough lady, but she knows how to be a lady."

"My father, a Mustang in the Marine Corps which means he was enlisted, got out, went to college, and came back as an officer, so he's exceptionally respected because he understands what enlisted men go through and he's still an officer. He was the kind of guy that would walk into the room and was very soft-spoken, but when he walked into the room people shut up and heads turned and they paid attention," St. John said."

Both of his parents are able to command the room without having to raise their voice, and that's something he embued into his portrayal of Jason.

"So he never had to command that sort of attention, and neither did my mother," St. John said. "They were always just respected, and I think that's what I wanted for Jason. I wanted him to let his team have all the light and glory they needed, and only step forward when he had to. He wasn't a guy who wanted to be a leader. He wasn't a guy who saw himself as the great. He wasn't a showboat. He wasn't flashy or fancy, he was a guy that needed to be there when it hit the fan."

"So I think humility, respect for his teammates, and I guess always looking to do what's right, no matter how hard it is, and it's easier kind of said than done, but that is what I tried for anyway and I hope it worked. It's something I've carried through with my real life despite a few colossal mistakes I think I've done a pretty good job," St. John said.

You can check out some of the Red Ranger's best moments right here, and you can see the full interview in the video above.

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