'Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid' Patch Aims To Fix Juggling Issue

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid just got a new patch, and while it doesn't address all of the complaints from fans regarding the game, it is looking to smooth out the actual gameplay in battles. The patch, which is titled 1.1.2, is now live on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and will be coming to PlayStation 4 soon. It's not the biggest of patches, but there is one aspect of the game that is getting a much-needed tweak, and it should make battling online much more fun against certain characters.

As you can see below, the first fix is to blocks in online matches, though the issue causing high and low blocks not to work properly isn't mentioned. The next few fixes also have to do with Goldar (and one with Kat), and those who have experience that soft-lock when playing as them will appreciate the tweaks.

The biggie though is the last change, especially for those who have played online against better players. You've undoubtedly had a fight where if someone gets you up in the air once, you won't hit the ground until you're either just about dead or completely dead. This process is called juggling, and the method itself is perfectly fine and encouraged. That said, if it isn't limited correctly, someone can just keep you in the air forever unless you can somehow reverse or counter a hit.

This has happened several times online to me, especially when going against certain characters, and ends up feeling more unfair than just losing to someone with more skill since there is not much you can do when caught in a loop like that. Thankfully nWay and Lionsgate Games made some tweaks to the juggle limiter values for characters like Green Ranger, Goldar, Mastodon Sentry, and Kat Manx, so hopefully, that will reign that in a bit.

You can check out the full list of fixes below.

"Fixed an issue causing high and low block to not function properly in online matches
Fixed an issue with Kat and Goldar causing them to soft-lock when hit by certain combos
Fixed an issue with Goldar incorrectly transitioning from high to low block
Fixed an issue with Goldar having an incorrect cancel window into Air S, causing soft-lock
Adjusted juggle limiter values on Green Ranger, Goldar, Mastodon Sentry, and Kat to prevent undesired loops"

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