'Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid's Story Mode Handled By Shattered Grid Creators

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid hits current-gen consoles later this year, and while we are [...]

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid hits current-gen consoles later this year, and while we are still waiting on nWay and Lionsgate to lift the full curtain on the story mode, we now know the Shattered Grid makers BOOM! Studios are working on it.

In a new interview with PlayStation Blog, nWay VP of Creative Steve Kuroki revealed that the mysterious story mode will include a fully brand new story, and it is being written by the makers of Power Rangers Shattered Grid BOOM! Studios.

"At launch, the game will feature online Ranked and Casual matches as well as a brand-new story written by the makers of the Shattered Grid Power Rangers comic series," Kuroki said. "This is an original story for the game. We will have more to share about the story later, as I know the Power Rangers fans would want to know."

That's huge, as the Power Rangers comics have become the standard over the past few years as far as engaging and mature themed storytelling for the Power Rangers franchise. Now, this does not say that Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) or Ryan Parrott (Go Go Power Rangers) will be directly writing the game, but the fact that someone at BOOM! Studios is writing it is enough to make us excited to see what they have in store.

For those unfamiliar with the storyline, Shattered Grid was an epic storyline years in the making under the supervision of Higgins, Parrott Dafna Pleban, and the entire team at BOOM! Studios that brought Rangers from all universes and all seasons into one amazing story as they tried to save the Earth and the Morphin Grid from Lord Drakkon. That storyline has certainly had an impact going forward, as you can see in Battle for the Grid already, being that Drakkon is one of the game's initial playable characters.

When we previously spoke with Kuroki, he said picking the characters to launch with was one of the more difficult challenges.

"There are quite a few challenges," Kuroki said. "I think a lot of it comes into picking the right characters. Power Rangers, especially with the game that we've made for mobile, now features over 60 characters. We wanted to make sure that we pulled the right Rangers or villains from the Power Rangers universe to support all the archetypes needed for fighting games."

"That's always the debate within the studio itself, as we're now Power Rangers fans," Kuroki said. "Which ones are our favorite? Which one will actually fit the role of a more bruiser, bigger type character, or the speedy type character? That's always a fun conversation within the studio."

You can check out more of our interview with Kuroki right here.

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