Power Rangers Producer Teases "No Filler" in Cosmic Fury

Power Rangers is currently in the works on a big comeback for not only a new special celebrating its milestone 30th Anniversary, but its 30th Season of television as well, and the executive producer behind the new episodes is teasing that there will be "no filler" in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. When Dino Fury came to an end, it left off with a huge cliffhanger that teased there would be some new space faring adventures to come. It was then revealed that the series would come back with a new season featuring a returning Dino Fury cast, and now fans are closer than ever to checking it out! 

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is currently slated for a release around the world on Netflix later this Fall, and the executive producer behind the series, Simon Bennett, opened up about a little of what fans can expect from the new season during Hasbro Pulse's special 30th Anniversary stream. It was here that Bennett explained that there would be no "filler" in the coming season as they were able to build around one continuous story for Cosmic Fury

(Photo: Netflix)

What to Expect in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

"It is fantastic to be able to tell a continuing story across ten episodes," Bennett began when explaining what makes Cosmic Fury different prom his previously overseen seasons. "Because historically with 22 episode seasons, which actually we used to shoot as 44 episodes in one big lump, that we spread across two years, you end up with lots of standalone episodes and there isn't quite the same ability to build tension and build dramatic stakes in the way that you can if you've got one big interconnected story across a bunch of episodes like we've got."

In referring to the fact that there are seemingly no standalone episodes during the upcoming Cosmic Fury, Bennett then remarked on how each episode is important to the others, "So there's no filler in Season 30, and every part of every episode is really important in terms of pushing the story forward. There are lots of surprises in there...I'm really proud of how Season 30, Cosmic Fury, is shaping up."

It's sounding like Cosmic Fury will be a much different kind of experience than fans might have been expecting going in, so now it just remains to be seen what the producer means by lacking "filler." What are you hoping to see in Power Rangers' 30th season? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!