Power Rangers: Hasbro Is Open To Making Figures of Comic and HyperForce Characters

The Power Rangers universe continues to expand in new and exciting ways, and not just in regards [...]

The Power Rangers universe continues to expand in new and exciting ways, and not just in regards to Power Rangers Beast Morphers. The new season of the franchise brought in an awesome new cast and exciting new characters sure, but in recent years we've also had an entire universe explored in the pages of BOOM! Studios' Go Go Power Rangers and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and fans also met a brand new team of Rangers in the live-action tabletop adventures of Hyper RPG's Power Rangers HyperForce. Now fans count characters like Marv, Lord Drakkon, Ellarien, Chloe, Vesper, Ranger Slayer, Eddie, and Jack amongst their favorite new additions, and we recently had the chance to chat with Hasbro Global Brand Development and Marketing Manager Beth Bamrick about their potential to be added to the toy line.

We asked Bamrick if Hasbro is open to incorporating some of those outside projects that aren't a part of the television series into the toyline, and thankfully the answer was a resounding yes.

"Absolutely. I think, yes, we are looking at all of it, and I think you're right, there are such strong followings behind some of those other platforms like the comic book and all of that," Bamrick said. "So I think we're open to all those opportunities and yes, we are definitely looking at all of it."

So, while we might not be getting a Ranger Slayer or Vesper figure this year, it seems Hasbro is very much open to utilizing all aspects and characters across the brand and not just those aligned with a TV season. With all the work the comics and projects like HyperForce have done in recent years, that should be music to fan's ears, and you can put money on the fact that I will be pre-ordering a Ranger Slayer or Jack figure the minute those are available. I also imagine I wouldn't be the only one.

We'll have to wait a bit for those to happen of course, as there are plenty of more iconic favorites coming to the line first, and while Hasbro didn't reveal Wave 3 of the Lightning Collection, they did confirm Wave 2 with an official reveal at San Diego Comic-Con. Those new figures included Magna Defender, Mighty Morphin Pink, Beast Morphers Red, and Beast Morphers Gold. We also got the reveal of a special 2-Pack featuring the Green Ranger and a Putty based on Fighting Spirit, which you can check out here.

Make sure to check out the entire interview in the video above, and for more coverage, you can head to our hub or hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things Power Rangers!