Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Reveals Bulk and Skull Character Pack

Today Renegade Game Studios unboxed the Shattered Grid expansion for their upcoming Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, revealing plenty of miniatures, new card details, and more. They also revealed a brand new surprise at the end of the live stream, which turned out to be the reveal of the Purple and Orange Rangers themselves Bulk and Skull. That's right, Bulk and Skull's superhero monikers are now fully playable in the anticipated tabletop game via a Renegade exclusive character pack.

The Bulk and Skull character pack is available for pre-order now and will cost you $20.00. The pack will include 2 Ranger miniatures for Bulk and Skull as well as 2 character cards, 20 combat cards, and 2 Zord cards, and you can pre-order the pack right here. Fans can also find the pack at select conventions that Renegade attends, so if you're near a Renegade booth make sure to stop by.

It will, of course, require the full Heroes of the Grid base game to play, and you can find the official description for the pack below.

(Photo: Renegade)

"Meet the two newest Power Rangers: Bulk and Skull!? That's right! Desperate times call for desperate measures! With the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers captured, Zordon has called two very unlikely heroes into action. These two teenagers with even more attitude are Angel Grove's only hope."

As described on the live stream Bulk and Skull's powers will be completely fun and silly, and we can't wait to throw down with them soon.

(Photo: Renegade)

If you're unfamiliar with Heroes of the Grid, it is a fully cooperative miniatures game that has you in the role of the Rangers defending Angel Grove, and it will feature not only a Shattered Grid expansion but also a White Light expansion. You can find the official description below.

"Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a co-operative board game for 2-5 players that challenges your team to save Angel Grove from Rita Repulsa's evil army of monsters. Work together to fight off the incoming horde while building up your strength to protect the city from the most dangerous monsters in the universe! Prepare for your destiny. It's Morphin Time!"


Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid hits stores this August, and make sure to let us know what Ranger teams you want to see in the game in the comments or by hitting me up @MattMuellerCB on Twitter!