Power Rangers: Jason David Frank Talks Possibility Of Passing The Torch

That Hashtag Show asked Power Rangers veteran Jason David Frank, best known for his iconic role as [...]

That Hashtag Show asked Power Rangers veteran Jason David Frank, best known for his iconic role as Tommy Oliver, which younger generation character he could see the legendary Tommy passing the torch to — but according to the actor, it's the revolving door of the modern Power Rangers franchise that makes it difficult to pinpoint a single candidate.

"I'm a bit confused on that because I would have to actually pick someone, but the problem is they re-change the cast every year, so it's so hard to say 'Hey, you are gonna carry the long tradition these guys are carrying,'" Frank said.

Frank compared the ever-changing Power Rangers of the modern era to classic Power Rangers, which carried on from one season into the next.

"We did season after season, it was a soap opera, that's when things were great — Power Rangers is still great — but they do 40 episodes, now they split it into two years, now its this, then its [Super Ninja Steel]," Frank said. "So it's kind of hard to get used to people, because they're always changing."

"Plus, I have so much history into the Power Ranger franchise for the last 25 years, it's kind of like, who would replace Captain Kirk?" Frank said, adding it's "hard to see a replacement."

"The problem is they're changing every year," Frank explained. "So I like this kid, then this cast comes in, all the different cast members, constantly changing, so it's hard to get that security."

Frank holds more Power Rangers episodes than anyone else, racking up 242 episode appearances since 1993.

Frank, who has appeared in Mighty Morphin', Zeo, Turbo, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, and Super Megaforce, most recently appeared in 2017's Power Rangers movie as an unnamed citizen of Angel Grove.

He'll next appear as violent super-soldier Bloodshot in web series Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe. Frank debuted a new look at his gun-toting character ahead of the series' release.