I Am Not Okay With This Co-Creator Jonathan Entwistle on His Approach to Power Rangers Reboot

Hasbro is looking to bring the Power Rangers franchise back to the big screen, and while we don't [...]

Hasbro is looking to bring the Power Rangers franchise back to the big screen, and while we don't know much about the upcoming reboot, we do have a few details to go on. One of those is that Hasbro is eyeing Jonathan Entwistle to direct the film, though he hasn't confirmed that to be the case and neither has Hasbro. ComicBook.com recently had the chance to speak to Entwistle all about his new hit show I Am Not Okay With This on Netflix, and during the conversation we had to ask about Power Rangers. When asked about the reboot he wouldn't come right out and say he was directing, but did say he is having some conversations about it, and even gave some insight on his approach to it, hypothetically speaking of course.

"There may be some truth in it, but right now it's not something that is particularly far down the line, so it's just a very top-level conversation," Entwistle said.

Here's the thing though, being the curious Ranger fans we are, we had to ask if he was hypothetically making a Power Ranges movie, would it be darker like some of the things he's known for.

"It would be definitely along the lines of what I'm known for," Entwistle said. "Darker is not necessarily the angle. I feel like that's been done in the Power Rangers universe before."

So, it seems Entwistle is in talks to helm the film, and while there are some darker elements in his shows I Am Not Okay With This and The End of the F****** World, he isn't necessarily going as dark with Power Rangers.

He's not wrong on the dark Power Rangers front either. The last reboot, which came in 2017, was lauded for its stellar cast and their chemistry onscreen, though not everyone was a fan of the darker elements in the film. The Power/Rangers fan film from Adi Shankar is also quite divisive, with many looking for the movie to embrace it's more lighthearted roots in another go-round.

Entwistle earlier on in the interview talks about having a sense of adventure and excitement in his shows that he always loved growing up, and that is incredibly important to something like Power Rangers as well. We're excited to see what he can do with the franchise, and here's hoping he does end up taking the helm.

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