Power Rangers Fan Does An Epic Repaint Of Legacy Gold Ranger And His Zord

The Legacy Gold Ranger figure left a lot to be desired, but fans are producing some stunning repaints in response. One fan, however, decided to go even bigger, and the results are fantastic.

Bandai recently released the Legacy Gold Ranger figure as part of their collectors line, but as most know the prototype differed substantially from the final product. Instead of golden armor, the figure had a color closer to mustard than gold, and fans aren't happy. Reddit user Ronaldbro decided to repaint his Gold Ranger figure to match the onscreen character, but he decided to bring out his Zeo Ultrazord for a repaint as well.

Pyramidas is the Gold Ranger's personal Zord, originally helmed by Trey of Triforia but then controlled by Jason Scott after he took over Gold Ranger duties in Power Rangers Zeo. It is shaped like a pyramid in its core form, but can also combine with the other Zeozords to form the Zeo Ultrazord.

(Photo: Ronaldbro)

The toy version was originally released in 1995, and though it had a hue closer to gold, it still wasn't perfect. Ronaldbro decided to give Pyramidas a similar gold repaint, and as you can see it looks amazing. While it looks great already, he is considering adding some weathering details to it to further make you envious.


As for the Gold Ranger figure, Bandai America has taken flack from fans in regard to the changing color. This is mostly because they showed off a version of the figure earlier in the year that was sporting a beautiful gold paint job, but when fans started seeing it on store shelves it was the described "cheddar cheese" version. It was probably just a result of cost adjustment, as Bandai didn't say it was an error in any way, but as the Legacy line is aimed at collectors, few want to have to repaint figures themselves when they are paying around $20 a figure.

It remains to be seen if Bandai will adjust the color in future assortments, but for now, you'll just have to pretty it up the manual way.