'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Gets New Creative Team

Big things are happening for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers after Shattered Grid, and that includes [...]

Big things are happening for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers after Shattered Grid, and that includes a brand new creative team.

Writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Simone Di Meo will be taking over after the epic Shattered Grid from current writer Kyle Higgins and artist Daniele Di Nicuolo, and the Ranger landscape is going to look quite different when they take over starting in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31. ComicBook.com had the chance to talk to Bennett and Higgins about the transition, and Bennett couldn't be more thrilled to be working on Power Rangers.

"Oh goodness, following Kyle's act, I don't want to misplace my metaphors here, but those are gonna be some really big shoes to fill," Bennett said. "Getting to read Shattered Grid both as a fan and knowing all of the work behind the scenes at the same time just makes it so rich and so powerful. This is sincerely the biggest event that this series in this universe has ever had. I cannot think of a crossover on this scale and it's been just divine."

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

"I was a huge Power Rangers fan growing up, I saved my toys for way too long way beyond age appropriate," Bennett said. "I just adored Trini the Yellow Power Ranger so much, so getting to do this, the idea of getting to go back in time and tell baby Marguerite what she's going to grow up to do. I would lose my...sugar, if I had discovered that that was waiting for me."

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has built quite a bit of momentum over the last few years, and Bennett isn't about to drop the ball.

"Even though I can't tell you what's coming, I'm really hoping to keep the momentum, vigor, and emotion of everything that Kyle has set up on this careening course into this whole new world of possibilities," Bennett said. "I won't lie it's a dream come true. It's such a cliché and so childish but so sincere, I can't believe that I get to write for Power Rangers."

Higgins' final issue will be the Shattered Grid #1 issue in August, and while he will still be working on Soul of the Dragon, Marguerite was the perfect choice to take over the main series.

"When we were coming to the conclusion of Shattered Grid, Dafna and I had a conversation about what was gonna be coming next and the set up that I had developed for the aftermath of Shattered Grid based on some events that have happened in the series," Higgins said. "We both talked about how it would be an opportunity for a baton pass. To build out some of this situation and status quo and let someone new come in and really take it in their own direction and make it their own. It just felt like the right time to step away."

You can check out one of the covers from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31 above, which hits in September. For more Power Rangers coverage you can follow @MattMuellerCB and make sure to check out ComicBook's Power Rangers Hub right here.