Power Rangers Movie Concept Art Reveals Different Look at Yellow Ranger Suit

The 2017 Power Rangers movie has at this point I feel gained cult status, as there are many fans [...]

The 2017 Power Rangers movie has at this point I feel gained cult status, as there are many fans who love the movie and what it tried to do, though it just didn't command the mainstream attention it needed to for box office success or to guarantee a sequel. Since then Hasbro has become the home of the brand and is hard at work developing their own film, but every so often we get a new look at the creation of the previous reboot, and our latest one comes from Visual Development Supervisor at Marvel Studios Ian Joyner, who also worked on the Power Rangers movie and just revealed a new look at his Yellow Ranger design.

Joyner showed off some early development work on what would eventually become the Yellow Ranger, and while he's revealed detailed looks at the helmet in previous photos, this image features more of the armor and upper torso, showcasing just how elaborate the design work on the armor was.

Joyner shared the image with the caption "Yellow Ranger early development for the power rangers film a few years back. I think I have a few other versions of her on some hard drive I will try to dig up."

You can check out the image in the post above, and you can also find more of Joyner's Power Rangers work on his official website, including a detailed look at the helmets for the Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, and Pink Rangers as well as Alpha.

Looking at the Yellow Ranger helmet entry, Joyner writes "An early Yellow Ranger helmet design for Power Rangers It was a lot of fun working with Andrew Menzies and Dean Israelite to help bring the rangers to the screen again. We did many versions of these helmets (and the other rangers too), which I will try to post soon! PowerRangers is available to own/rent now so be sure to check it out!"

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