Power Rangers Reminds Everyone They Defeated Murder Hornets In '94

2020 has already been a year full of unexpected challenges, and another one has already popped up in the form of Asian giant hornets. As their nickname of Murder Hornets implies, they are extremely dangerous, and now they have made their way to the United States. While that's a concern, the Power Rangers account tried to bring some lightheadedness to the situation and reminded fans that Zordon's crew managed to defeat them already, tweeting a GIF of their throwdown with the caption "thought we got rid of these murder hornets back in '94". You can check out the full post below.

The GIF shows Billy being hit with its web-like spray, but as we know from the episode, the Rangers eventually got the better of the monster. That said, it is worth noting that yes, it isn't actually a hornet they were facing, but a bee-based monster named Grumble Bee. Still, if the Rangers can take on one mean insect, they can take on any insect, right? Right. Yeah, we're right.

The hornets in question are noted for their massive size, as a queen can be up to two inches long. Their mandibles are extremely lethal as well, allowing them to take out a large beehive incredibly quickly, though they also have lethal venom and a stinger that can puncture a beekeeping suit, so they aren't to be messed with.

The hornets have been seen destroying beehives in Washington already, and if something isn't done soon to stop their migration, they could become a permanent fixture. Entomologist Chris Looney of the Washington State Department of Agriculture said“This is our window to keep it from establishing. If we can’t do it in the next couple of years, it probably can’t be done.”

Hopefully, their migration can be stopped by traditional means, though we wouldn't be opposed to some help from the Power Rangers if they are offering.

Fans can catch the newest team of Rangers on Nickelodeon, and you can get more details on Power Rangers Beast Morphers below.

Beast Morphers stars Rorrie D. Travis (Devon/Red), Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey/Yellow), Jasmeet Baduwalia (Ravi/Blue), Abraham Rodriguez (Nate), Liana Ramirez (Roxy), Colby Strong (Blaze), Cosme Flores (Ben), Kristina Ho (Betty), and Kevin Copeland (Mayor Daniels, and you can check out the official description for Power Rangers Beast Morphers below.


"In season 2 of POWER RANGERS BEAST MORPHERS, Evox returns and he’s more powerful than ever! The Power Rangers will gain access to all new power upgrades, powerful new weapons, and epic new Megazords in order to protect the Morphin Grid and save the world!"

Power Rangers Beast Morphers airs Saturdays on Nickelodeon at 8 am est.

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