'Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel' Tough Love Episode Recap

It's time for another episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, and we've got your full recap of [...]

It's time for another episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, and we've got your full recap of Tough Love right here!

Spoilers incoming for episode 3 of Super Ninja Steel, so if you haven't seen it yet you've been warned.

Odius is talking to Spyclops, revealing a music sheet infused with Odius' magic. When recited fully will put them under a spell.

Flash to the marina, where a woman is singing with her guitar. Victor and Monty donate a load of pennies into her guitar case and work their usual unfortunate magic, including Victor donning multiple costumes to try and impress her. Who knew she didn't like matadors and tennis stars?

She continues to sing as the Rangers walk by, and Levi notices she is singing one of his songs. He's impressed by what he hears and has an idea. He walks to her side and starts to sing with her, drawing a crowd. After the duet she reveals she's a big fan and says he smells great, giving Victor and Monty a "big" idea.

Levi compliments her voice, but before they can talk too much Kudabots show up. The other Rangers morph and start to fight the Kudabots, including a spiffy bit with the Ninja Clone Star. Kudapots ambush Levi and his new friend Jess, but before Levi can morph she takes it out with a shove. Levi proposes they get together later, but they decided to meet here at 4 pm, where she says she wants to show him her new song.

After they leave, Jess reveals her true Spyclops form.

Victor and Monty are hard at work at the lab, trying to concoct a fragrance like a cowboy. Yeah, that's going to go well...

Later Levi and Jess are strolling by several boutiques, where she shows him some new clothes. After putting a new cap on him he's not a big fan of anything but his cowboy hat until Jess says change is the spice of life, convincing him to "spread his wings" a bit. She also gets him a new jacket and new pants and says he can wear it later when they sing her new song together. He's shocked, but goes with it, and says "well if you wrote it, I'd love to sing it".

Flash over to HQ where the other Rangers are training, and wondering where Levi is. He shows up shortly after with his brand new outfit and reveals he is going to sing with her at the park. The Rangers are all surprised at his new look, questioning if the look is really him, as well as the song choice. They ask him if it is for him or for jess, repeating her change is the spice of life mantra.

He leaves angry, but before the scene changes Preston feels like he's read those lyrics before.

Flash to the marina, and the song isn't going over very well, causing some people to leave.

Back at HQ, Preston finds those lyrics, which are part of a symmetric spell. Preston reveals that if Levi finishes, he'll turn evil. Heading back over to the marina, and he's singing the lyrics verbatim, and his eyes turn red. The spell seems to have worked, but before Jes can celebrate Monty and Victor show up. Jess spurns him, and then Monty sprays the cologne. It doesn't go over well, causing Spyclops to transform into its true form.

The other Rangers get there, but Levi is now on Spyclops' side. Preston thinks he can reverse it but he has to say the spell backward, though that will be difficult being that Levi tears up the sheet music.

The Rangers morph and go to take on Spyclops and Levi, who is now morphed, while Calvin heads out to see if he can gather all the pieces of the sheet music.

The Rangers do their best to not hurt Levi, and Calvin is trying to recover all the sheet music as it almost blows away. The Rangers distract Levi by using their Ninja Blasters, causing him to have to deflect them all. Then it's Red vs Gold, as Sara goes one on one with Spyclops. Calvin gets al the pieces, and they get them to Preston. Well, they try, until Levi takes out the Red, Blue, and White Rangers.

Before he can finish them off Sarah hits him with a Ninja Blast, and Preston puts the pieces together with magic. As Levi charges, the other Rangers hold him back, giving Preston enough time to recite the spell and break it.

Levi comes to, and they all face down the Spyclops. She flies off and hits them with blasts from above. They have to hit her in the air, so they use the Storm Star (Tornado Mode) to send Brody up and knock her down to the ground with a slash attack.

Cosmo Royale decides to gigantify her, making the Rangers call in their Zords. Ninja Steel Megazord and Bull Rider Megazord both form, but she takes to the air again and hits them. They use the Astro Zord Star to knock her out of the air, as the Bull Rider Zord hits her once more. The Ninja Fusion Zord comes to life, and they begin their final attack, even getting the Ninja Super Steel Blaster in the process. They fire it and unleash their final attack, destroying Spyclops.

The scene flashes to the Rangers playing pool, with Levi coming back with his classic clothes and hat. He apologizes, but soon after Victor and Monty are stinking up the place with their new Cowboy concoction.

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