What Power Rangers Fans Can Look Forward To In 2018

2017 has just about come to a close, but the good news for Power Rangers fans is that 2018 is set [...]

2017 has just about come to a close, but the good news for Power Rangers fans is that 2018 is set to bring even more reasons to celebrate this amazing franchise.

The new year is set to be bigger in just about every way when it comes to Power Rangers, and that couldn't come at a better time for the long-running franchise. Power Rangers kicked off in 1993, and next year it will celebrate its 25th anniversary in a host of unique ways. You might not be aware just how much Saban has going on these days, so we're here to give you a few reasons to break that 2018 calendar out and start circling dates.

Without further ado, let's get started with the core of the franchise, and that's the television series.

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Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel

Power Rangers: Ninja Steel recently wrapped up its debut season, but the adventures of Brody, Calvin, Hayley, Preston, Sarah, Levi, and Mick will continue in next year's Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel. The show will build upon the revelations from this season, including Brody discovering the identity of his true brother (Levi) and the history behind his family legacy, while also introducing plenty of new threats for the Rangers to take down.

One of those threats was teased in the Super Ninja Steel trailer with the returning favorite from Dino Charge, Sledge. The bounty hunter was a fan favorite from Dino Charge, and it was a genuine shock to see him back in action. Fans will find out how and why he's back next year, and it should result in quite the entertaining roller coaster ride for fans.

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25th Anniversary Episode

Speaking of Super Ninja Steel, the season will also play the biggest part in the 25th Anniversary celebrations. It's tradition for Saban to film a special reunion episode as part of anniversary years, and it will be no different for the big 25th.

The show's air date and plot have yet to be revealed, though there are a few Rangers we suspect will be a part of it, including Jason Faunt (Time Force), Ciara Hanna (Megaforce), and Jason David Frank, who played a part in the last reunion special "Legendary Battle".

Seeing any of the legendary Rangers alongside the new crew of Ninja Steel should make for some exciting television, and we can't wait.

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Shattered Grid Crossover

The 25th Anniversary celebration will not just take place in the TV universe though, as Saban is partnering with BOOM! Studios for an epic comic storyline like no other before it.

Earlier this year, BOOM! Studios announced Shattered Grid, a massive event that will feature the full return of Lord Drakkon. That would be big enough, but Kyle Higgins is teasing a slew of fan-favorite Rangers will make their way to the Mighty Morphin team's aid to take him on, and the possibilities seem to be endless.

Shattered Grid will not just affect Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but will also crossover with the franchise's other series Go Go Power Rangers. Not much is known about the plot, but it seems a fan-favorite Ranger will come to the group's aid from the future, and we have a few ideas as to who it could be.


Power Morphicon

You can catch Power Rangers from all over the timeline at a variety of conventions throughout the year, but there is one place they all seem to congregate, and that's Power Morphicon.

The biannual convention takes place in Anaheim California next year, and while there's no official guest list at the moment, a slew of names from the Power Rangers franchise are expected to attend. Fans are hoping to get a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reunion of some sort in light of the 25th Anniversary, and hopefully, some announcements about upcoming projects will also make their way into the event.

If you have to pick one Power Rangers destination next year, you can't go wrong with Power Morphicon.

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More Power Rangers HyperForce

Saban and Hyper RPG's interactive tabletop game Power Rangers HyperForce is going strong after its first eight episodes, and it is only picking up momentum in the new year.

The Power Rangers crew of Marv, Eddie, Chloe, Vesper, and Jack have delivered some delightful entertainment in the first batch of episodes, all under the guidance of Game Master Malika. Together they've managed to incorporate the Mighty Morphin, RPM, and Time Force seasons and characters in creative ways, while also keeping viewers engaged with hilarious character moments that will keep them coming back for more.

It will only get bigger in 2018, as the show is kicking off 2018 with a guest appearance from Green and White Ranger actor Jason David Frank, and that's an episode you won't want to miss.

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More Power Rangers Legacy Wars

If you want something a bit more portable, you can't go wrong with Power Rangers Legacy Wars. The hit mobile title features an amazing array of characters, locations, and now Megazords from across the franchise's history, and that will only continue to grow in 2018.

More Megazords, new challenges, and even more Rangers will continue to make their way to Legacy Wars which -- fingers crossed -- will include more of the cast from Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Preston Tien recently made his debut in the game, and hopefully, that is just the first in a series of new releases from Saban's newest show.

We're still holding out hope for more Mystic Force as well, but it would be quite epic if they added one of the HyperForce Rangers to the mix wouldn't it? C'mon, you know you want to see Jack (Bulk) as part of your roster!

Well, that's our list, but there are probably even more reasons to be excited for Power Rangers in 2018, and you can share your reasons with me by hitting me up @MattMuellerCB.

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