'Star Trek 4': Karl Urban Still in the Dark About Film's Future

Just when fans thought Star Trek 4 was ready for launch, Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth both exited the project over disputes about pay. Unfortunately, co-star Karl Urban says there hasn't been much more to report since then.

Speaking to ShowBiz Junkies at New York Comic Con, Urban said that he has no idea what shape the project is in at this point.

"I know nothing about Star Trek, I wish I did," he said. "No news. Apparently, there is no news."

Previously, Urban had sounded more confident that Star Trek 4 would be made despite the issues with Pine and Hemsworth.

"Hopefully, we get back for another movie or two of them," he said at the Trekonderoga convention. "We are just sort of waiting on negotiations. I'm confident we will."

He went on to say that film's future"is really hinging on the availability and the contract negotiations of the two Chrises. It's an interesting one. The last film did pretty well. But still, for a movie that cost what it cost to make, the profit margins aren't that great and so particularly Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine subsequently have done big movies, and their quotes have gone up. And so I am pretty confident though that Paramount and those guys, they will figure it out. Because I know Chris. We were all in touch recently and everybody wants to do it and make it happen. So, if Paramount is willing, there will be a way to make it happen. So, fingers crossed."

While Star Trek Beyond did reasonably well at the box office, it was an expensive film to make, carrying a $185 million production budget. What's more, the film made $343 million worldwide in 2016, which is over $100 million less than its predecessor, Star Trek Into Darkness, made in 2013 ($467 million). Much of that difference can be blamed on Beyond's domestic performance, where it made $158.8 million compared to Into Darkness' $228.7. It is no wonder that Paramount has become especially conscious of the next film's budget.

Do you think there's still hope for Star Trek 4? Can Paramount and Chris Pine come to an agreement? Let us know what you think in the comments!


The first three Kelvin timeline Star Trek movies — Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond — are all available now on home media. Star Trek 4 still does not have a release date, but was expected to begin filming in early 2019.

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