Star Trek: Coda Trailer Released

The trailer for Star Trek: Coda ahs been released. First revealed in February, Star Trek: Coda is a trilogy serving as the finale to the long-running line of Star Trek novels taking place after Star Trek: Nemesis. The line has run for 15 years, continuing the adventuring of characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager during the era when no Star Trek television shows were in production. Now that Star Trek television has returned, and specifically that Star Trek: Picard is revealing the canon post-Nemesis Star Trek universe, the books will wrap up their version of events with this final epic adventure, bringing closure to fans and wrapping up dangling plot threads.

The three books in the trilogy are Moments Asunder by Dayton Ward, The Ashes of Tomorrow by James Swallow, and Oblivion's Gate by David Mack. Moments Asunder goes on sale tomorrow, September 28th, with the two sequels following in October and November. The pre-order pages include synopses for the books, revealing a plot dealing in time travel. The trailer promises that Starfleet's greatest heroes will be put to the test as the past and future go to war. You can watch it below:

According to the novel's official synopsis, in Moments Asunder, "REALITY ITSELF IS UNDER ATTACK. The epic Star Trek: Coda trilogy begins when the unexpected arrival of an old friend triggers a desperate mission to avert a fast-spreading temporal disaster."

The Ashes of Tomorrow continues the story. The synopsis reads, "THE FUTURE IS AT WAR WITH THE PAST. The epic Star Trek: Coda trilogy continues as friends become foes, the Temporal Apocalypse accelerates, and the catastrophe's true cause is revealed."

It all concludes in Oblivion's Gate. Its synopsis reads: "THEIR MOST DAUNTING MISSION WILL BE THEIR FINEST HOUR. The epic Star Trek: Coda trilogy comes to a shattering conclusion as the Temporal Apocalypse forces Starfleet's greatest heroes to make the greatest sacrifices of their lives."

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. The end begins when Star Trek: Coda: Moments Asunder goes on sale on September 28th. Pre-orders for all three books are live on Amazon now.

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