'Star Trek: Short Treks': "Calypso" Written by Pulitzer Prize Winner Michael Chabon

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon is adding his voice to the Star Trek canon by writing “Calypso,” one of the four Short Treks short films that will precede the second season of Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek: Short Treks was announced during the Star Trek: Discovery Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, and Chabon revealed his involvement with the project early on Monday.

“A few weeks ago, I flew to Toronto to be on the set of Star Trek: Discovery for the 3-day shoot of a short film I wrote (one of four making up a new spinoff micro-series called Short Treks),” Chabon wrote on Instagram. “Mine’s entitled ‘Calypso,’ it stars the blazingly talented Aldis Hodge, was directed by the brilliant Olatunde Osunsanmi, and while all of that is very exciting, the most exciting part of all, personally, was the moment you see here, in this photo. I did not SAY ‘Ahead, warp factor 4, Mr. Sulu,’ or ‘Make it so!’, because after all I was aboard the Discovery, not the Enterprise. But I THOUGHT both of those things. I thought them very hard.”

You can see that moment below.

Chabon is a novelist best known for his Pulitzer Prize-winning 2001 book The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. The story focuses on two Jewish boys living in Brooklyn who become major figures in the Golden Age of Comics for creating the character called the Escapist, tracing their lives before, during, and after World War II.

Star Trek: Short Treks will consist of four short films running 10-15 minutes each. Each one will focus on a different character from Star Trek: Discovery. Those characters are Saru (Doug Jones), Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman), Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson), and Craft, the new character played by Aldis Hodge and being introduced in Chabon's episode.

In addition to now knowing that Osunsanmi, who directed two episodes of Discovery's first season, will direct "Calypso," we also know that Rainn Wilson will direct the episode focusing on Harry Mudd.

Are you excited for the Star Trek: Short Treks micro-series? Who do you think this new character called Craft is? Let us know what you think in the comments!


The first season of Star Trek: Discovery is available to stream in its entirety on CBS All Access in the United States, through CraveTV in Canada, and through Netflix in other international markets. Star Trek: Discovery Season Two is now filming in Toronto.

Star Trek: Discovery returns to CBS All Access in January 2019.