Star Trek: Discovery Star Says No "Endgame" Plans For Series Yet

It sounds like there are currently no plans for Star Trek: Discovery's conclusion at this time. Discovery is currently filming its fifth season. In the past, major series would be expected to aim for a seven-season run perfect for syndication (as was the case with Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager). However, the modern television landscape, with its fractured audience and competing streaming services, lends itself to shorter runs, meaning five seasons would be respectable for even a big-budget sci-fi show like Discovery. However, star Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Capt. Michael Burnham of the USS Discovery, says those conversations aren't happening yet.

"Well, the show is definitely rolling forward, thankfully," Martin-Green tells Radio Times. "There haven't been talks about the endgame yet. We talk a lot about things that we still want to see, or at least they share with me ideas that they have. I talk about things that I would like to see, not just with Burnham but with others and with the story as a whole. There is forward-thinking, absolutely, and there's foresight being applied, absolutely. But thankfully, we're not having endgame conversations yet."

While Discovery's end may not be in sight, Martin-Green was still willing to speculate about her future. Star Trek recently welcomed back franchise alumni Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew to reprise their roles as Captains Picard and Mulgrew, respectively, to tell new stories. Martin-Green says she'd be happy to do the same when her turn for a revival comes up in a few decades.

"Oh my gosh, yes, absolutely," she says. "And our beloved Kate Mulgrew is back now as well, now lending her genius to our animated world. I appreciate that. I appreciate the opportunities that both Sir Patrick and Kate have had to come back because they are just as loved today as they ever were, perhaps more, probably more loved. They're legendary, and so to have them back and to have them back in a new way is very exciting to us, and then to everybody who loves the show. So yeah, I would. I love Michael Burnham. That would be really cool if I could come back in 30 years. God willing we're all good to go 30 years from now and still watching TV."

Star Trek: Discovery's first four seasons are streaming now on Paramount+. Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 is filming now in Toronto.