Star Trek: Picard Reveals Titan Bridge Crew

Star Trek: Picard's final season will introduce the USS Titan-A to the Star Trek universe, and showrunner Terry Matalas is introducing the ship's bridge crew. The USS Titan-A builds on the legacy of the original USS Titan, the ship that William Riker (Jonathan Frakes) took command of after leaving the USS Enterprise behind. However, the ship is under a new captain as Star Trek: Picard Season 3 begins, one played by Todd Stashwick, and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) is serving as a commander aboard the vessel. Now we know who else is filling out the new ship's bridge crew.

Matalas previously confirmed that the Titan-A is Star Trek: Picard Season 3's "hero ship," where most of the action will take place. He introduced the ship's crew via a Twitter thread.

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Ensign Sidney La Forge

At the helm is Ensign Sidney La Forge. She's Geordi La Forge's daughter, although she didn't follow in her father's engineering footsteps.

"Starting with: Ensign Sidney LaForge – Helm," Matalas tweeted. "Unlike her sister, Alandra, she didn't want to build ships, she wanted to fly them."

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Lt. Matthew Arliss Mura

Lt. Matthew Arliss Mura is a Bajoran and the Titan's tactical officer. He's been serving on the ship for a while.

"Meet Lt. Matthew Arliss Mura," Matalas tweeted. "Tactical -- has served on the new Titan for last 3 years and is exactly who you want at that station when you hear "give 'em everything we got!"

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Lt. T'Veen

The Titan has a Vulcan as its science officer. Lt. T'Veen was, apparently, highly sought after for the position.

"Meet Lt. T'Veen, Science Officer. Vulcan," Metals tweeted. "Several Captains fought to have her on their bridge. The Titan won."

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Ensign Kova Rin Esmar

Ensign Kova Rin Esmar, a Halian, sits in the communications position. Their résumé speaks for them.

"Meet Ensign Kova Rin Esmar. Haliian. Communications," Metals tweeted. "They graduated at the top of their class and speak over 72 alien languages."

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Capt. Liam Shaw

Captain on the bridge. Capt. Liam Shaw is in command of the USS Titan.

"All under the command of Captain Liam Shaw," Matalas tweeted. "A former engineer with a long history within Starfleet. More on him later…"

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Cmdr. Seven of Nine

And finally, Seven of Nine is the ship's first officer. An "accelerated Starfleet program" explains how she rose in the ranks so quickly, likely justified by her experience in the field aboard Voyager and as a Fenris Ranger.

"And last but certainly not least: Meet the Titan's first officer who was placed into an accelerated Starfleet program against her own judgement," Matalas tweeted. "Well, more on her on February 16th!"

Indeed, the final season of Star Trek: Picard premieres on February 16th. The first two seasons are streaming now on Paramount+.