Star Trek Reveals Sisko's Return

Capt. Benjamin Sisko, the former commander of the Deep Space 9 space station in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, has returned to the Star Trek universe. SPOILERS for Star Trek #1 by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Ramon Rosanas, Lee Loughridge, and Clayton Cowles follow. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fans will likely remember how Sisko's story ended in the series finale, "What We Leave Behind." After defeating Dukat and the Pah-wraiths, the Prophets welcomed "the Sisko" into the Celestial Temple within the Bajoran wormhole. However, before Sisko left linear existence behind, he promised his son, Jake, that he would return.

Star Trek #1, the first installment of a new line of Star Trek comics filling in the continuity gap between the end of Star Trek: Voyager and the film Star Trek: Nemesis, fulfills Sisko's promise. The issue opens with a page where the Prophets restore Sisko to his physical form. As Sisko slowly awakens to his previous existence, the Prophets foretell Sisko's new mission, which will see him "descned inot the place of nothing and everything, into the cities of gods and heretics" In short, "The Sisko must go where no one has gone before."

(Photo: IDW Publishing)

One of the things that set Sisko apart from other Star Trek captains is that he was a father. It is true to form then that the first thought that comes to his mind upon returning to his corporeal form is of his son, Jake. He reunites with his child before bringing his new mission to Starfleet and assembling a crew of Star Trek all-stars to see it through.

When speaking to about the series, writings Lanzing and Kelly promised this would be the Deep Space Nine sequel fans have been waiting for, answering questions about Sisko's fate. Thus far, they're following through on that promise.

 "We're taking this as an opportunity to effectively fill those spaces, those timeline periods that a lot of those books and comics covered with new canon that lines up with the shows that have been created since then, because a lot of that stuff was created with the understanding there would never be shows again," Lanzing explains. "Now we know that there will be, so we are trying to create new canon that exists inside that space. But these are the characters you know. This is the canonical Benjamin Sisko sequel story. This is the last ride of Data before Nemesis. These are those stories. This is what happened to Tom Paris after he came back from Voyager."

Star Trek #1 is on sale now. Star Trek #2 goes on sale on November 30th. The first spinoff series, Star Trek: Defiant, launches in March.