Snoop Dogg Has Star Wars vs. Star Trek Mural in His Home

It seems Snoop Dogg has a thing for Star Trek. Or his interior decorator does. Snoop Dogg appeared as a guest judge on the first episode of Netflix's Rhythm + Flow, a hip-hop music competition show. During a part of the episode, Snoop Dogg takes Cardi B on a tour of his home. As Justin Hall on Twitter noticed, One of the walls in Snoop Dogg's home has some familiar-looking Starships on it. The wall has a mural of Starfleet starships in space. As they walk by the wall, Cardi B asked Snoop Dogg, "Is this like a galactic hip-hop museum?"

After Hall tweeted out the photo, the Star Trek Online Twitter account took notice and retweeted. The game's account confirmed that the artwork on Snoop Dogg's wall is concept art from Star Trek Online.

"In today's strangest and best news, @SnoopDogg has early concept art from our game up in his house as a giant mural," the account tweeted. "Snoop, do you play STO? And either way, want to come on our stream?" You can take a look below.

It turns out the mural features more than Star Trek ships alone. It's a custom piece created by Gamut Media titled Star Wars vs. Star Trek (via Daily Star Trek News). As you can see in Gamut's official shots of the mural, it includes ships and actors from the Star Wars universe as well as the Star Trek universe.

This may come as a surprise to some of Snoop Dogg's fans, but it shouldn't. Snoop Dogg produced and appeared in the Star Trek parody movie Unbelievable!!!! He teamed with original Star Trek star Nichelle Nichols on the project. It assembled more than 40 Star Trek alumni into its cast (though some weren't thrilled with the experience).


Star Trek Online launched in February 2010. The MMORPG takes place in the Star Trek Universe, allowing players to control their own captain in new stories set year into the franchise's future. It's most recent expansions bring characters and concepts from Star Trek: Discovery into the game's version of Star Trek's future. These include the Age of Discovery, Mirror of Discovery, Rise of Discovery, and Awakening expansions.

What do you think of Snoop Dogg's Star Wars vs. Star Trek mural? Let us know in the comments. Rhythm + Flow is now streaming on Netflix. Star Trek Online is now available as a free-to-play game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One