The Orville Stars Adrianne Palicki and Scott Grimes Got Married

The Orville co-stars Adrianne Palicki and Scott Grimes are now married. Palicki shared photos from [...]

The Orville co-stars Adrianne Palicki and Scott Grimes are now married. Palicki shared photos from their wedding on Twitter as she looked back on the big day. "Last night was truly amazing!" she tweeted. "I am so grateful for all the friends and family who made trip [sic] to celebrate with us, and to all of you for the kind words." Palicki announced her engagement to Grimes in January in a similar fashion, tweeting, "So happy to spend my life with you Scott Grimes." Palicki and Grimes have worked together on The Orville since 2017. Palicki plays First Officer Cmdr. Kelly Grayson, and Grimes plays Lt. Gordon Malloy, the ship's pilot.

Before she joined The Orville, Palicki played Bobbi "Mockingbird" Morse on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD on ABC. Her former Agents of SHIELD co-star Ming-Na Wen attended Palicki and Grimes' wedding ceremony. She also shared photos and a message for her friend.

"True love. Eternal joy. Husband and wife," Wen wrote on Instagram. "These two special lovebirds exchanged their vows yesterday. It was breathtaking! Welcome to the married life, Adrianne Palicki and Scott Grimes!! Thank you for letting us be a part of your beautiful union. You two are perfect for each other. Our hearts are full of love and happiness for you two. Congratulations!!!"

In a second Instagram post with photos of Wen and her husband, Eric Michael Zee, together with the newlyweds, Wen wrote, "What a magical night in Austin, Texas yesterday. Not only have I had the great fortune to have worked with Adrianne and Scott, but I also am so lucky to have them as my friends. They are beautiful inside and out! And when Scott started tearing up as his gorgeous bride walked down the aisle, my heart welled up and my insides turned to mush. Congrats!"

The Orville is set 400 years in the future and follows the adventures of the USS Orville. The vessel is a mid-level exploratory spaceship with a crew of humans and aliens. Together they face the wonders and dangers found in outer space, as well as the more mundane issues that come with everyday life on a starship.

Seth MacFarlane created The Orville and stars as the ship's captain, Ed Mercer. The cast also includes Adrianne Palicki as Cmdr. Kelly Grayson, Ed's first officer and ex-wife. Other cast members include Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, Halston Sage, J Lee, Mark Jackson, Chad L. Coleman, and Jessica Szohr.

Are you excited for The Orville's newlyweds? Let us know in the comments. The Orville will return for its third season on FOX in 2020.