Two Major 'Star Trek: Discovery' Cast Members Leaving After This Season

The third season of Star Trek: Discovery will be just as much of a change-up from the second as [...]

The third season of Star Trek: Discovery will be just as much of a change-up from the second as the second has been from the first, apparently; actors Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn, who play Captain Christopher Pike and his Number One, respectively, will be leaving the series at the end of the season, according to a report at Deadline. The pair were reportedly only ever signed to a one-year deal, so this is less an example of them "leaving the show" than it is of them "completing their storyline," in all likelihood. Still, given the popularity of the characters (and the actors) with the Discovery fandom, it will be hard to see them go.

Pike is known within Trek lore as the last captain of the Enterprise prior to James T. Kirk, and was memorably played by Bruce Greenwood in Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness from JJ Abrams. Both he and Number One had minor roles in the original Star Trek TV series, played by actors Jeffrey Hunter and Sean Keeney (Pike) and Majel Barrett Roddenberry (Number One). The announcement that Romijn, herself a longtime genre staple, would be playing the role originated by the First Lady of Trek was met with a good deal of fanfare last summer at Comic Con International in San Diego.

"It's awesome. I just got introduced to Trek Twitter," Romijn said at the Comic Con press room for The Death of Superman, in which she played the role of Lois Lane. "It's a world I had not known about until I just turned on my phone five minutes ago. I was like whoa! It's wild. It's a real honor. It's a real honor."

It also seems as though the actors are already through with their roles in the season, which brought the Enterprise continuity into line with some of what fans expected from the original series. The second season of Star Trek: Enterprise has already completed filming in Toronto, according to the Deadline piece.

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